The Perfect Business

What’s All the Excitement About?

Every 10-15 years, a major shift in public demand completely changes the face of an industry − creating a window of opportunity for those who capitalize on it.

The Perfect Business

This shift in public demand is being catapulted by THREE booming industries! And now YOU can position yourself to reap financial rewards with what’s being called “The Perfect Storm” business. Here’s how . . .

vending machine business opportunities
vending machine business opportunities

The Booming Vending / Automatic Merchandising Industry

vending industry information
Welcome to the largest cash business in the world − the booming, $42 Billion Dollar Vending / Automatic Merchandising industry! The rising generation loves to do business with automated systems. New convenient innovations like RedBox® continue to propel this remarkable industry to new heights. In fact, every minute, over $79,000 is put into vending machines in the United States alone. That’s a whopping $115 Million Dollars per day! Isn’t it about time you get your share of the fastest growing, untapped segment of this exciting industry by becoming a HealthyYOU Vending Operator?

The Exploding Health Revolution

vending machine business opportunitiesIt’s just getting started, so hold on! More and more people are becoming interested in living healthier lifestyles and are becoming educated about what they should eat. “All-Natural”, “Organic”, “0 Trans Fat”, and “Antioxidants” are the hot buttons of this ever-increasing, high demand market. Now you can be rewarded by filling this need with the HealthyYOU Vending opportunity.

A Strong Political Push

vending machine business opportunitiesYou’re hearing it more and more. From a national scale to local communities, government leaders are mandating “healthy vending standards.” From Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to “Healthy Choice” programs sponsored by business (corporate wellness), civic (public buildings) and education leaders (schools/colleges) – “healthy vending” is rapidly moving from niche to normal.